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Garden Furniture Package




Item Qty Description & Use
Arbour – Arch (metal), decorated with artificial flowers 1 Ceremonial arch
Arbour – Round wooden arbour, decorated with artificial flowers 1 Ceremonial arch. Also use as a photobooth backdrop
Arbour – White arbour (large), 4 posts 1 Ceremonial arbour
Bar stuff – Drinks dispensers (glass), 7L 2 Use on the bar for water
Bar stuff – Large chest esky 1 Fill with ice to keep drinks cold, fill with up to 10 cartons
Bar stuff – LED Bar sign 1
Bar stuff – Rustic pallet bar 1 2.1 (l) x 0.80 (w) x 0.90 (h)
Bar stuff – Stainless steel drinks tubs 5 Fill with ice and drinks
Décor – Assorted jars, gold lanterns for decoration Asst
Décor – Assortment of artificial flowers Asst Decorate the arbors
Décor – Decorative concrete pots 4 Fill with flowers for decoration
Décor – Old vintage suitcases 2
Giant LOVE letters 1 set
Jarrah bench top 1 Use with 2 wine barrels to create a bar or grazing table
Macramé seat 1 Hang from tree
Macramé swing 1 Hang from tree
Pallet drink tubs (with plastic liner) 3 Fill with ice and drinks
Red carpet (3m) 1
Rustic Wheelbarrow (fire pit) 1 Use as a fire pit when season permits
Seating – 10 pc patio setting (wooden), 8 chairs & large table 1 set
Seating – Chairs (black), school stacking         28
Seating – Chairs (ivory) plastic patio chairs         24
Seating – Pallet bench seats 8 Made from pallets (3 pallets high)

1.2m (l) x 0.54 (w) x 0.43m (h)

Seating – Rustic wooden bench seats 4 1.1m (w) x 0.30 x 0.50 (h)

Scatter around for seating

Seating – Stools (black plastic) bar stools 10
Seating – Wicker furniture – 2-seater couch + chaise lounge 1
Seating – Wooden crates, asst shapes/sizes 8 Use as seating or as decorative items
Seating – Wrought iron love seats (white) with decorative detail 2
Signage – set of 6 white directional signs 1
Signs – A-frame chalk board 1 Write your own message/welcome sign
Table – Round patio table 1 Use as a signing table
Table – Rustic wooden high bar table 1 1.2 x 0.84 x 1.1m (h)
Table – Rustic wooden pallet tables to seat 10 people 7 2.2m x 1.1m
Table – Rustic wooden pallet tables to seat 8 people 2 1.9m x 1.1m
Table – Trestle table (grey), 1.8m 1
Table – trestle table, small, 1.2m
Table – White trolley with glass top 1 Use as a cake or drinks trolley
Table – Wooden banquet trestle table, 2.2m 1
Tiki torches 2
Wine Barrels, asst shapes and colours 4
Wooden door frames with fly wire 2 Use as photo peg boards


Last updated: 1/10/2019