House Rules

  1. Strictly no access allowed into Horse Paddocks or Stable areas. Bridal party and guests must stay within the facility provided. This is a very important safety issue for all concerned, especially the horses!
  2. Children are welcome at Rothwood. However, it is your responsibility to see that they are supervised at all times, with no exceptions. Strictly no climbing of trees or fencing anywhere on the property. We try our up most to provide a great wedding venue but we’re not a children’s playground. A swimming pool disclaimer will be provided on your arrival.
  3. Unfortunately throwing rice, confetti or other so called environmentally friendly substances at the bride and groom, though traditional, presents a massive problem in clearing up out of the grass ready for the following weekends wedding. As an alternative, bubbles may be used. Please note the clean-up will be stopped out of the security bond if it is not adhered to.
  4. All music should be kept to appropriate noise levels. Musicians or DJs must stop strictly at no later than 11pm.
  5. No fireworks, sparklers, or open flame candle type accessories.
  6. Smoking is allowed outside only in the area provided and the ashtrays provided must be used. Please keep in mind that nicotine is toxic to plants and cigarettes extinguished in flowerbeds and pots can kill the plants. Strictly, no smoking in the Homestead.
  7. Everything must be removed from the grassed garden area by 11am the day after the wedding unless other arrangements have been made prior. Or if a day only wedding then all packing away must be completed at the end of the day.
  8. We don’t allow sub-woofer speakers and the event must officially end at 11pm.
  9. All wedding catering must be carried out off the premises and be prepared in a commercial kitchen. Our kitchen is for the use of the guests that are staying here. Extra electrical appliances will overload our electrical installation and may cause power outages on your big day.