Terms & Conditions

Tentative Bookings

A tentative booking can be placed for 1 week (7 days), Rothwood will reserve this date without a booking fee or signed confirmation; if a new enquiry for the date is received, Rothwood will notify the client and they will have 24 hours to confirm the booking. If the Client wants to secure the tentative booking, they will need to return these signed terms and conditions, the Wedding Contract and pay the booking fee. A tentative booking will be released after 1 week if the Client does not contact Rothwood.

Booking Confirmation

To secure your booking, the non-refundable booking fee must be paid and these Terms & Conditions need to be signed and returned along with the completed Wedding Contract. The required booking fee is as follows:

Booking TypeBooking FeeBond
Midweek Mini Micro Wedding$100
Three Day Wedding Extravaganza$500
Other (last minute bookings/short term accommodation)10% of total booking

Payment Policy

In addition to the booking fee payment, a further payment will be due 3 months prior to the wedding date in the amount of 50% of the total anticipated event account. The final account for the booking is required 4 weeks prior to the event.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made in writing. The initial booking fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to other parties. Rothwood reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of the estimated total value of the event as follows:

Period of CancellationCancellation Fee
More than 12 months from the function date100% of payments made minus the booking fee
6 – 12 months from the function date40% of the total value of the event
2 – 6 months from the function date70% of the total value of the event
Less than 2 months100% of the total value of the event

A change of date or postponement of an event may be requested in writing by the client, if this date is available then the booking fee and any payments made can be transferred to this date. This is at the discretion of Rothwood.

Function Coordination

Wilde Wedding Management are the preferred supplier for wedding coordination and management. It is the responsibility of the Client to secure the services of Wilde Wedding Management; and at their discretion and expense. It is not compulsory to engage Wilde Wedding Management. Wilde Wedding Management provide planning services in the lead up to your event, on site meetings, recommendations and management of third-party suppliers, provision of venue layouts, run sheet and on the day coordination and set-up services as well as pack-up services. Contact Kimberly (kimberly@wildewedding.com.au or 0411 493 511).

Payment Methods

Rothwood accepts cash, EFTPOS (fees apply), bank cheque or credit card payments.


Prices are based on current and expected cost increases; please note prices of wedding packages are subject to change. Once a booking fee is received and a package is confirmed, the price and inclusions for that package are secure. Any changes to the package after confirmation will be subject to the current prices and inclusions at the time


Rothwood is an outdoor venue. In case of wet weather, the ceremony can be relocated to the front under cover deck, Rothwood requires 24 hours’ notice of this change. The Client can choose to organise a marquee at their expense for their ceremony and or reception (see our preferred supplier list).

Damage to Property & Behaviour

The client is responsible for the conduct of the client’s guests and third-party suppliers and indemnifies Rothwood for all costs, expenses, damage and loss caused by any act made by the client or the client’s guests or the client’s third-party suppliers. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the function is conducted in an orderly manner in full compliance with Rothwood Terms & Conditions and all applicable laws and statutes. If the Rothwood has reason to believe that a function will affect the smooth running of Rothwood’ s business, either in regard to security or reputation, Management reserves the right to cancel the function and/or remove any disruptive individuals without liability. Rothwood has no responsibility to you for any costs, damages or expenses that you may incur in relation to Rothwood’s termination of your function or event. Rothwood may exclude or remove any persons or possessions from your function or from the premises. Any expenses incurred will be deducted from the bond and the client agrees to reimburse Rothwood for any extraordinary expenses incurred for repairs or in cleaning the venue as a result of actions of the client or guests of the client or the client’s third-party suppliers, whether accidental or otherwise.

We do not accept responsibility for damage to, or loss of, any client property left on the premises prior to, during or after a function (including hired equipment/goods). Clients are financially responsible for any damage to fittings, property or equipment hired by themselves, guests and third-party suppliers, prior to, during or after a function.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

Rothwood requires their Clients to follow the Liquor License guidelines on the Responsible Service of Alcohol. The Client is responsible for providing persons with RSA to serve alcohol. Alcohol should not be served to guests under the age of eighteen (18) years, or to guests in a state of intoxication. Rothwood policy is to serve guests in a responsible, friendly and professional manner. The right to discontinue liquor service is reserved by Rothwood.


The client must ensure that all minors will be supervised by a responsible adult for the duration of the event and at all other times for the duration of the stay. Minors are not permitted in the stream that runs through the property or beyond the extent of the ceremony & reception spaces i.e. into the neighbouring horse paddocks.

Fire Restrictions

The City of Kalamunda prohibits or restricts burning from October – June. No naked flames are permitted during this time or when there is a Total Fire Ban. This includes the use of candles, fireworks and sparklers.

Items Not Collected

Any items that have been left at the property by the Client, the Client’s guests or third-party suppliers after the event and not been collected will be disposed of within seven (7) days. Rothwood will not be held liable for items left after the event.

Reception Conclusion

Wedding receptions will conclude at 11:00pm and guests (other than those staying in the homestead) will be required to leave the premise. Music must be switched off outside. Music inside must always be kept at an acceptable level. The use of sub-woofers is strictly prohibited.


The homestead can accommodate 10 people (5 x double rooms), up to 3 additional fold-out beds can be supplied for children (linen not provided). The names of all guests staying in the homestead shall be supplied to Rothwood 2 weeks prior to the event. Only these guests are permitted to use the facilities in the homestead for the duration of the stay.

Check-in is strictly 2pm unless arranged prior

Check-out is strictly 11am unless arranged prior


Transportable toilets will be provided on the day of the wedding by Rothwood and are included in the quoted price. All wedding guests are required to use these toilets. The toilets in the homestead are strictly off limits to guests on the day of the wedding.


The kitchen in the homestead is strictly off-limits to wedding guests on the day of the wedding. The kitchen is also off-limits to caterers; the kitchen is not licensed or insured to operate as a commercial kitchen and does not have the necessary electrical supply to support this. Caterers are required to set-up their own make-shift kitchen facilities behind the main shed as required. This area is to be left clean and tidy.


There are two large bins on the property that can be used to dispose of general waste/rubbish; any waste that cannot fit into these bins needs to be removed by the Client. All rubbish placed in the general waste bin must be contained in bin liners. There is one yellow bin for recyclable waste which can also be used but any excess recyclable waste must be removed by the Client. Prior arrangements can be made with Rothwood to have your recyclable waste disposed of for a small fee.


Smoking is allowed in the designated smoking area only; all butts are to be placed in the trays provided – this rubbish must be removed by the Client.


Parking is available to guests at the venue along the driveway. No parking is permitted on the main road outside the venue. Clients should advise their guests how to best park or provide a parking attendant on the day to ensure all guests can park appropriately.

Third Party Suppliers

Rothwood is a DIY venue, the client is responsible for organising all third-party suppliers required for their event. Rothwood has a list of preferred suppliers (https://www.rothwood.com.au/weddings/preferred-suppliers/), these suppliers know the venue and the rules and regulations they are required to follow. A list of your third-party suppliers must be provided to Rothwood 3 months prior to your event for approval. Rothwood reserves the right to deny the use of a third-party supplier. All suppliers working at the venue must have relevant Public Liability insurance and this must be provided to Rothwood 2 weeks prior.


Security shall be organised at the Client’s expense if required.

Strictly Prohibited

  • Rose petal confetti – real or artificial
  • Paper confetti, this includes balloons filled with confetti.
  • Sparklers
  • Naked flames
  • Sub-woofers